Ways To Add More Meaning To Your Pieces


How does jewelry connect us to our loved ones and most precious memories? We would love to help as you create your most meaningful custom piece that you can carry with you always!

Nothing is more meaningful than something that is handmade and customized. Jewelry can capture anything you want from a specific day, a beloved friendship, or a lost loved one. Jewelry serves as a memento that can help connect us to a certain memory, our greatest accomplishments, or a loved one. Any jewelry that is closely associated with travel, lifetime milestones, or strong memories will be loved forever.


Jewelry is known to be an excellent heirloom or heritage gift that can hold priceless value that families can pass down to future generations. Passing something down from generation to generation is a great way to remember cherished memories. So not only will you remember previous family history, but the memory of a recently passed loved one too. Although, not everyone has precious heirlooms to cherish and pass down to family. Therefore, you can be the one to start the tradition of your own with new meaningful jewelry.


The design of a piece itself can bring meaningfulness, not just custom designed pieces. This could be anything from a semi-precious stone, representing significant events in your life or even the birth of a child. Meaningfulness can also come from the personal story behind its creation, such as the creation of Rightly Royce. After we experienced the loss of our son, Royce, we sought to help others that lost a child. Which is why with each purchase, we donate a percentage to a family who has lost a child, or to a children’s hospital.


Jewelry is the ultimate meaningful gift. It is permanent — unlike clothing or food or drink, jewelry is meant to last a lifetime. The quality of our pieces reflects our commitment to our relationships with our customers, and their most cherished memories.