Our 5 Favorite Ways To Represent Your State

State-pride is something many people don’t take lightly. We have included five different unique options to help keep home close to your heart. These make for thoughtful, nostalgic gifts that are sure to make anyone smile! How do you represent home?


Homeland Tees

Homeland Tees combine comfort with an unmistakable feeling of joy (sounds like a win-win to us). With a shirt that represents home, this makes for the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone!


Custom State Necklace

A simple, gold necklace that has their state abbreviation on it will become your next everyday accessory. This state pendant makes the minimalist style even more special. This is the perfect gift that doesn’t break the bank and makes for a wonderful keepsake.


State Candles

Scents have a large impact on our memory, so why not have a piece that encompasses common scents associated with your state? Now, we know what you are thinking, how do you capture the scents of a state? Homesick Candles have done plenty of research and crowdsourcing to capture the scents of every state and turn those into candles.


State Outline Print

If you prefer a more simple representation, a state or city print would be the way to go! This is a perfect option if you or someone you know have recently relocated to a different state. A state print would make the perfect addition in any home.


State-Centric Dish Towel

For our last recommendation, a simple state dish towel is a creative way to incorporate your homeland into your space. Dish towels can range from simple to extravagant, so there is something for everyone! Representations can vary too, you could opt for a state outline or items that represent your state, it’s up to you!