Brief History Around Hoop Earrings

Big fan of hoop earrings? You’re in luck! We just recently announced the release of our long awaited Everyday Hoop Earrings! These hoops are perfect for any and every daily life event. We thought it would be fun to give a little background and history around these timeless pieces in honor of this new release.

Hoops might seem like they have been around forever...and they kind of have been! Hoops are one of the oldest accessories in human existence and hold many different meanings in a variety of cultures!



Hoop earrings were worn by ancient Greeks, Romans, Asians, and Egyptians. It was created as a way to identify tribal members then transformed into a symbol of power and religion in society. The first hoop earrings originated around 2500 B.C.E. in an African civilization. In 1500 B.C.E., Egyptian men and women both flaunted gorgeous hoops on their ears, how interesting! The common belief is that earrings enhance a person's beauty, what do you think?


Hoop earrings continue to be one of the oldest fashion trends alive. When looking at the symbolization of these hoops, these earrings exemplify unity, infinity, and wholeness. Hoop earrings are for the bold and confident. With so many different designs and sizes, hoop jewelry stands out more than any other type of earring. Stud piercings blend in and can be easily overlooked while dangling hoops demand attention. You can create meaning in any piece of jewelry you wear and hoops are not an exception!

Long story short, hoops are for every personality, background, and budget. Hoops can boost one’s confidence and has such a deep history attached to them. We are so excited to now be carrying them here at Rightly Royce and would love to hear your thoughts on this new release! Happy Hoopin’ Everyone!