Jewelry Care Tips

Dry Jewelry Is Happy Jewelry

Avoid wearing your jewelry in a pool or hot tub. Chlorine can damage and discolor metals as well as erode the finish and polish of gemstones.


Keep Harsh Chemicals Away From Your Jewelry

This can include hairspray, lotion, perfume or soap. Lotions and sprays create a film on your jewelry, making it dull and dingy.


Maintain Proper Storage

Keep jewelry in a place that is dry and at room temperature. Do not bunch several pieces in the same place, this will prevent tangling. It is also important to note that direct sunlight can cause silver to tarnish.


Know When To Take Off Your Jewelry

This can include times when jewelry may get snagged, pulled, or damaged. Taking your pieces off before the shower is a good preventative measure to help keep it in good condition as well.


Don’t Worry If Your Piece Starts To Have Surface Tarnish

Just use warm water and a microfiber cloth to buff the surface. Avoid circular motion and use straight strokes.