Jewelry Trends We Fell In Love With This Year

With 2021 coming to a close soon, we wanted to talk about some of our favorite jewelry trends we followed this year! Each year we see various style trends emerge that captivate many. This year in particular we saw a fair amount of styling influence come from the social media platform, TikTok! It will be interesting to see what becomes the new “it-look” for jewelry in 2022! Any guesses? 

Vintage Looks

The vintage/classic look has definitely resurfaced this season and we are totally here for it! We added our dainty Pearl Rings to our collection and you guys have fallen in love with them, no surprise. We think this trend will be sticking around for a while longer with the increase in popularity of thrifting and 90s styles.


Hoops seem to resurface in popularity almost every year! With the elegance and history attached to them, these are truly timeless pieces. We recently released our everyday hoops that are the perfect simple edition to any look. Hoops won’t be leaving anytime soon, we really believe that.   

Angel Numbers

If you aren’t familiar with what angel numbers are, they are recurring sequences of numbers that have spiritual significance. Their growing popularity have made them a prime candidate for jewelry pieces and allow for unique meanings!

Casual Layering

If we could group this entire year into one trend, we would place it as simple and casual layering pieces! Wearing little chains or chokers with statement pieces was definitely the move for this year. Did you participate in this trend? Fingers crossed this carries into the years to follow, we are obsessed with it!

As always, we would love to hear your feedback on the blog posts! Which pieces are you predicting to see take over in 2022? Make sure to send us a message on any of our social platforms to get in contact.