8 Attainable New Years Resolutions

It is almost the new year which means you may be thinking about a resolution for 2022. A common mistake you see with picking a new year's resolution is that it might end up being unrealistic. To avoid bumping into this challenge, we have compiled a list of attainable goals you can choose from for your 2022. Enjoy!

1. Make Someone’s Day Once A Week

There is truly no better feeling than making someone else happy! Making a small effort to put a smile on someone’s face is something you might want to extend into your resolution for years to come. 

  • Ideas: Buy their coffee. Hold the door for them. Give them a compliment. Help them complete a daily task.



This may be a common one, but it is definitely an attainable one! Benefits of a higher water consumption will follow pretty quickly which is definitely an important factor in staying motivated with this one! 

  • Ideas: Try getting a water bottle with time markers on it to encourage water consumption each hour of the day. Put fresh fruit in your water to give it some flavor.


3. Kick A Bad Habit To The Curb!

Knocking that one bad habit out of your routine is a lot easier said than done, but with a little determination, we know you will have it gone in no time!

  • Ideas: Lower your soda consumption. Stop biting your nails. Make more coffee at home. Follow a monthly budget.

4. Refresh Your Jewelry & Wardrobe With Basics

Start 2022 with a wardrobe and accessories you can take into 2023, too! Focus on basics and pieces you can utilize in all seasons! 

  • Tips: find universal pieces that go with many outfits to maximize their use. High quality pieces are definitely worth the splurge!


5. Unsubscribe From Unused Subscriptions

This is the year to clean out all of your unused subscriptions! Don’t take any unnecessary recurring charges with you into 2022, only keep the ones you use!

  • Check streaming networks, music streaming services, and any shopping based subscriptions!


6. Take 5 Minutes Each Day To Clean

Spending a few minutes each day cleaning is something that will leave you feeling more refreshed, motivated, and CLEAN.

  • Ideas: Clean your make-up brushes. Wash your sheets. Wipe down surfaces that you typically don’t get to. Wipe down your mirrors.


7. Learn A New Skill

Tap into your creative side with this one and take that final leap into learning that new skill you have been wanting to for a while now! Who knows, it may just be your calling!

  • Ideas: Learn a new winter sport. Learn a new language. Take a painting class.



Some people believe that living in the moment means you shouldn’t be seeing it through the phone camera lens. What we believe is that capturing special moments in your life doesn’t take away from living in the moment and allows you to have the moment with you forever!

  • Tip: Disposable cameras are a fun and easy way to get photos of your special moments without worrying about what you look like or if the lighting was perfect.