Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Families

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know that finding family friendly activities is more important than ever this time of the year. In this week’s blog, we share our top 5 family activities that we love for the holiday season! As always, we love hearing from you! Feel free to reach out and share your favorite family activities and traditions with us on any of our social platforms.


Make Turkey Hats

Feeling crafty this holiday season? We definitely are! It is always a fun time making fun little turkey hats before the feast (bonus points if you wear it during the meal). This is a great way to engage the little ones and will give the adults a laugh too! There are many examples and websites that guide you through the craft, check one out HERE.

Tell Family Stories 

Did you know that November is Family Stories Month? If you didn’t, now you do! Celebrate this special month by telling your favorite family stories with one another! You might learn something that you never knew before or gain a whole different appreciation for your family members!

Start a Family Football Game

Nothing better than a little family competition, right? This is a fun activity for all ages and allows for the whole family to have some light-hearted enjoyment! Whether you are watching it on tv or playing a little game outside, football is a true American tradition! Plus, it gets everyone out of the house and moving to help burn off those extra calories! 

Take A Scenic Hike After Your Thanksgiving Meal

Another great option that gets the whole family out and moving after a big Thanksgiving meal is a scenic walk or hike! This is an activity that can be tailored to best fit your family’s situation (for example, length can be depending on location and ability). Getting some fresh air and movement in after a big meal is always a benefit!

Board Games

Board games...a classic activity that can be your form of entertainment for hours. Game options range from classics like Monopoly and Chess to more modern and interactive options like Heads Up and Apples To Apples! With a variety of options, you are almost guaranteed to find something for everyone. Better yet...make up your own game! This is something that gets those creative minds working and some laughs along the way!