How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Each Love Language

Words Of Affirmation: This specific love language focuses on expressing love through sincere words and being able to clearly back it up with reasons. The best way to say ‘I love you’ when it comes to this love language is as simple as it sounds. Just say it! What will help you stand out is providing an individual with reasons as to why you love them. This reassurance will be more important than anything. 

Physical Tough: For someone with the love language of physical touch, physical presence and accessibility are very important. If you are looking to say ‘I love you’ through physical touch, it can be as easy as giving them a well-needed hug! Understandably, not everyone is a hugger, and that is okay! Another option could be making an effort to hold their hand throughout the day. It is important to note in regard to this love language that based on the relationship, what someone feels comfortable with may vary.

Quality Time: This love language is truly all about making a conscious effort to be present. The best was to say ‘I love you’ based on this love language is to give that individual your undivided attention and remove any extra distractions during this time (such as a phone, game, or work). 

Receiving Gifts: You might be assuming that the best way to tell someone you love them through a love language such as this one is to just shower them with gifts and money. The truth is, that isn’t the best way! If someones love language is gift giving, we have to understand that to this individual, a gift is a visual representation of being known, loved, and cared for. Don’t focus on the monetary value of the gift, but rather the thoughtfulness and effort placed behind it. 

Acts of Service: Lastly, we have acts of service. Someone who has this love language is looking for you to help ease the burrdon of some of their responsibilities. Saying ‘I love you’ through acts of service can look different for everyone because everyone has different daily duties and responsibilities. As long as they feel like you have gone out of your way to help them, it will be a success.