Featuring Tia Hansen

Today’s feature is an amazing mama, Tia and her sweet baby Brayton. She has great advice for everyone, and she is so strong. Here is her story.♥️⁣

Hi👋🏻 I’m Tia. My husband Logan and I have been married 6 years. We have 3 children. Koven 5, Lydia 2 and sweet Brayton our angel babe.⁣
Back in March, our oldest had to get dental surgery. Not only was I nervous and worried for that, I was full term as well. That morning, I woke up early and started crying. Something did not feel right (I had laryngitis on top of it)⁣
My husband took our son to the procedure & I stayed home to rest and try to get over the illness before our scheduled due date, just 6 days away. ⁣
I thought that would be my biggest trial at the time.. ⁣
I tried resting but hadn’t felt the baby move. So, I got up and did all the tricks. Nothing. Even though I had an ultrasound less than 24 hours ago, I knew I needed to go in, but didn't want to go alone. Shortly after, my mom and mom-in-law arrived to help out with our boy’s post surgery. I knew it was time to go into the doctor for me now. When I checked into L&D, I immediately felt very eerie. The RN got me situated and began putting the heart rate monitor around my stomach. She was struggling. So, she grabbed the ultrasound machine and started feeling around. After what seemed like forever, she said, “I'm having a hard time, let me grab a doctor...” I immediately looked at my mother-in-law and began to worry. The doctor came in, started feeling around, then said those awful, devastating words that will forever haunt me. My perfectly healthy, full term baby, literally gone in a heartbeat💔⁣
Over the past 7 months we have felt so much pain yet so much love. We KNOW we will see our sweet baby Brayton again!⁣
Advice- To any mama’s: Your baby is still part of your life and should always be remembered.⁣
-You can set boundaries. Let others know what you need or DON’T need. ⁣
-You don't need to be strong all the time. Reflect & feel how you need/want to feel. ⁣
-Advice to others-TALK ABOUT THEIR BABY! We won't be alarmed if you bring up their name. Our babies are always on our minds and we love to talk about them. ⁣

Be present and empathetic. Don’t try to fix the situation. Send texts, cards, treats, etc. let them know they’re being thought of💙 it means more than you’ll know!