Featuring Mikell Hirschi

We are featuring Mikell today and her beautiful baby girl Lola. Her loss is still pretty recent, and my heart aches for her and her family. This is their story.♥️ Tell us a little bit about you and Lola.⁣

-I have a 5 year old son, Mack, and Lola is my second baby. I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and felt GREAT! I went into labor naturally at 38 weeks and things were perfect and exciting. I was told that Lola was stressed during labor and was rushed to emergency delivery. Lola was born not breathing. Her medical teams were wonderful and did everything they could for her. Lola suffered extensive brain injury from lack of oxygen and was being kept alive with a ventilator. We made the decision to remove her breathing tube and she passed away 13 hours later.⁣

What helped you the most after your loss?⁣
-100% the support of my husband. We also received SO MANY messages, gifts, prayers, people reaching out, acts of service. It really helped to lift our spirits and it meant so much for us to see what an amazing support system we had rallying around us!⁣

-What advice would you give to others that lose someone? ⁣
Let others help you! Take your time grieving- there’s no time limit on how to process grief! It looks different for everyone and what do what feels right to you in your own process of figuring out your "new normal" it's quite the adjustment- be patient with yourself.⁣

-What has helped you to remember Lola?⁣
We just buried Lola last month so it's still really fresh. We talk about her ALL THE TIME! She has filled our home with so much love and we love sharing her short story! We have pictures of her everywhere and we feel that she's just as much part of our family in heaven as she would be if she were here! We have found a tremendous amount of healing in our friends and family acknowledging her and talking about her. We have little orange bows that represent Lola and we wear them on our outings to remind us that she's close and part of our lives!