Featuring Kellie Thayer

Kellie is a Barre instructor at @karvestudiolindon where I met her. We connected over the loss of our sons, and this is the story of her sweet son Riley.♥️⁣

My name is Kellie Thayer, I've been married to my husband Kelly for 39 years! Yep, we have the same first name. ⁣
We have 5 children. 4 are married to amazing companions. We have 7 grandchildren, 2 more on the way. ⁣
On July 3, 2000 our family was given a trial that changed our world. ⁣
We lost our youngest child Riley to a drowning accident at our home in Provo Utah. ⁣
You hear about a child drowning but you never imagine it would ever happen to you. ⁣
But it happened and we were right there. ⁣
After he was rushed to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center by ambulance, Our Dr., who was our neighbor, Said to us ”we are life flighting Riley to Primary Children's Hospital to get a miracle”. They had done all they could. ⁣
There were many prayers offered on our behalf for Riley and our family. ⁣
Our neighbors gathered at our home for a fast while we were at Primary Children’s Hospital. The Dr.s and nurses at both hospitals were incredibly compassionate towards our family! ⁣
On July 6, 2000 in the early hours of the morning, 3 days after the accident, surrounded by family and a few close friends, we said goodbye to our angel son.⁣
For two hours, not a word was spoken as we took turns holding Riley. Beautiful, peaceful primary music was playing in the background. ⁣
We started with our youngest daughter and then each one of our children held their brother to love him and say goodbye. ⁣
Each person in the room had a moment with Riley. ⁣
Kelly and I held him last. We held him close to our face, then Kelly handed Riley to me, we both were holding him in our arms together. ⁣
For a moment Riley opened his eyes and looked at my husband then looked at me. It was our little miracle. ⁣
We felt his spirit leave this earthly life to return to our Heavenly Father. ⁣
This experience was beautiful and so spiritual! I will never forget this incredible tender mercy that our Heavenly Father gave to our family. In that moment the veil from this life to the next was very thin.