Featuring Madisan Dockendorf

Madison is amazing and we are honored to feature her. Please take the time to read her story.♥️ My name is Madi Dockendorf and my husbands name is Mike. We have been married for 5 years and have gone through a lot in that short time together. In 2017 when our first son was 6 months old, we were at a well check visit when our pediatrician found a tumor inside our little guys abdomen. We later learned that he had a type of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. We went through many hospital visits, scans and a major tumor removal surgery and after all that, our little guys strong tiny body fought back and thankfully he didn’t end up needing chemotherapy. We thought that would be the biggest trial of our lives until June 9th, 2019. I was pregnant with my second beautiful son Brooks David Dockendorf. I was 37 weeks and 5 days along when I noticed I hadn’t felt my little guy move that morning at all. My world came crashing down when I rushed to the hospital, only to hear the words “there’s no heartbeat.” I couldn’t believe that I would never get to raise my perfect little boy. That the child that I carried for 9 months was gone.
Although I’m still recovering and struggling often, I’m pushing on every day. I’m so grateful for my amazing family and friends who have carried me through it all. My Brooksie Boys theme is elephants and I’m so glad that every time I see an elephant, I can think of my angel. I hold on to my faith that I will get to see my little boy again, and that’s what helps me get through the hard days. I’m grateful for my amazing husband who is my rock, my little Bronson who’s spunk puts a smile on my face and my Brooks who made me a stronger, better person in his short 9 months on earth. 
The advice that I would give is not towards the grieving mama but to her family and friends. 1. Please ask her about her baby. Help her know that you think he’s important and that you know he exists. 2. Don’t ask her what she needs. Just do. She feels lonely every single day and sometimes she just needs a friend. 3. Forgive her of her shortcomings. Most days, she’s just trying to survive. She puts on a happy face but she’s still grieving, so be patient.