Featuring Avery Mitchell

This week we are featuring Avery and her baby boy Maverick! We heard about Avery last year when her sister reached out to us and asked if we could make a necklace for Avery and ever since then we have been following this amazing woman! We are honored to share her heartbreaking but encouraging words with you. 💙⁣

•About Avery ⁣
My name is Avery and I am a mother to two beautiful babies. My angel baby Maverick who would be two, and my amazing baby girl Gentry who will be one in November and who has been my life saver.⁣

Maverick was our first child who was born on March 25, 2017. We struggled to get pregnant with him and when I found out I was expecting I remember how ecstatic I was! I was finally getting my baby! ⁣

On November 23,2018, 5 days before I was due with my second child, we unexpectedly loss Maverick due to a brain bleed. This kid was my life, how was I ever going to live without him, yet alone how was I suppose to have another baby while mourning his loss.⁣

What helped me the most after my loss was my family and friends and the constant love and support that was shown to us and still is. Having Gentry to go home to every day is a blessing that I will never take for granted. ⁣

•Advice to others ⁣
Advice I would give to other is it's okay to be mad and angry. Its okay to cry and scream when you need too. Let yourself grieve. Lean on others. Talk about them daily. Live for the tender mercies. I experience tender mercies every day from Mavys and that helps me to know how close my baby really is. I feel him daily. It's okay to feel joy and peace and to be happy again. There are times I feel guilty for being happy but I have to remember that Maverick wouldn't want me to be anything but happy as he was the happiest boy! I've also learned that everyone is fighting some kind of battle that no one knows nothing about so always be kind. Always say I love you to those you love because life is so short you never know what tomorrow holds ❤️