Featuring Kiera Ward

This weeks Feature Friday is someone who we love so much! Kiera is a family member and we adore her. Her outlook resonates so much with me and we are so excited to share her story! ⁣

•About Kiera⁣
I’m Kiera and I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mom! Growing up my nickname was “mama Kia” because I was always- okay, I still am- the boss and the second mama to my brothers. I knew from a very young age that it would be hard for me to have children because I suffer with severe endometriosis. It never occurred to me the headache, heartbreak and learning curve that would come from that until I married the man of my dreams in 2015. We went through surgery’s, medications, shots, hormones, more surgeries, 3 miscarriages and 3 D&Cs before being blessed with the sweetest little blessing Saylor Rae! ⁣

•What helped Kiera the most⁣
Writing. This may sound silly but after our first miscarriage I started a blog. It was somewhere I could get my pure feelings out and I knew I wouldn’t be judged (at least to my face). It was the most raw and real thing I’ve ever done. I was so vulnerable but it felt so good to get my tears and literal heartbreak out on paper. It helped me connect with others who were dealing with the same thing. It helped me realize that I wasn’t alone. It helped me help others by sharing my experience. It’s something that I will always be able to have, look back on and show to Saylor and my future kids how hard I work(ed) to get them here! ⁣

•Advice⁣ to others
It was hard for me to see that every single person around me kept moving on with their life after a failed round of treatments, after a miscarriage, or even after a milestone of what “could have been”. Yes people cared, yes people prayed and asked what they could do but after a day or two, I felt left in the dust to struggle. Feel your feelings. Do not bottle them up. The grieving process is real and can take weeks, months, years. I don’t believe that time heals all wounds but I believe that time helps all wounds. It’s okay to not be okay! ⁣