How to throw the perfect Summer Picnic!

Last week we treated our team to a summer picnic! It was so fun to laugh and reconnect with all the girls outside of work. A summer picnic is the perfect way to connect with your friends, and enjoy the amazing weather! 


1. Pick your location

We picked a cute little park close to our office!

2. Choose your food

We all love Zupas so it was the obvious choice for our dinner! We ordered Zupas online and it was so easy. Then we did a Target pickup order and ordered a bunch of fruit for a charcuterie board. We also grabbed some bottles of soda, flavorings, and ice for drinks. We are from Utah after all ;) 

3. Gather your supplies.

For the picnic set up, we choose to set up behind some trees in a park. We laid down a waterproof tarp down and then put laid a folding table down. We also put some pillows and a rack under the table to add some height. Then we added a tablecloth and runner. Around the table we placed lots of big pillows!! On top of the table we put vases with flowers from Trader Joes! We also had a cute letter board to add to the summer vibe!! 

4. Take lots of pictures

We asked all the girls to come in dresses so we could take lots of pictures! We even brought a film camera and the pictures turned out so cute. 


We had the most fun summer night! We love our team and are so grateful for each girl who makes Righty Royce possible!