Easy Ways to Give Back

When our son Royce passed away, we were overwhelmed by the support that we received from family and friends. So many people stepped up and sent us meals, gifts, and donations. It was amazing to see how many people dropped everything to serve us. Since then, we have been on a mission to give back! One of the most important things at Rightly Royce is serving others, and bettering others lives. Today we are going to share 3 easy ways that you can give back! 

1. Keep granola bars in your car

I buy an extra stash of granola bars and keep them in my glove box. That way when I see someone on the street, or asking for food I just hand them a granola bar! It’s such a great way to give back in an easy and meaningful way

2. Drop off flowers at a friend

Do you have a friend who could use some extra love? Dropping off flowers is a simple way to show that you care. Trader Joes has the prettiest flowers, for the best price.

3. Buy RR jewelry 

Every week we donate to a different cause that gives back to others. One of the easiest ways you can help others is getting some jewelry from us! You can enjoy a beautiful piece of jewelry while also knowing that we use your order to help so many people! 

What is your favorite way to give back?