How Long Does It Take For 14k Gold-Filled Pieces To Tarnish?

Gold Filled jewelry is a great choice for people who want durable pieces of jewelry while not breaking the bank. Gold filled usually does not tarnish easily and can last you a long time, if taken care of properly. We definitely think it is worth every penny!

You might be asking, what even is gold-filled? Gold filled is a material made up of two to three layers and is usually used by jewelers for designing various types of jewelry. Unlike gold plating, gold filled is far more resistant to tarnishing - woohoo! It is a durable material for use in jewelry as it is made up of two or three layers of solid gold, with minimum 5% in composition to the core metal. A perfect alternative for solid gold pieces!

The composition can slightly vary depending on the type of manufacturing quality, but usually not by much. Luckily, these thick layers make it resistant to tarnish and wear. Undoubtedly, it is a durable material with its life depending on the type of usage and care. Tarnishing of gold filled is only seen after being exposed to harsh conditions.

If you take care of your gold filled jewelry it can easily last as long as pure gold. It will not tarnish and might even last a lifetime if the quality is great. Some tips to help keep your jewelry looking new is to be cautious of wearing it in a pool or in the shower. Occasionally cleaning your jewelry with standard jewlery cleaner can help keep it looking brand new!