6 Special Ways To Honor A Lost Loved One On Their Birthday

Celebrating the birthday of a lost loved one is never easy. We have compiled a list of ideas that can help you have fun and remember that special someone in an honorable way. 


1. Make Their Favorite Treat Or Meal

A fun way to remember a lost loved one is to either make their favorite meal, enjoy a treat they loved, or go out to their favorite restaurant. This is an activity that allows families to gather in a lighthearted atmosphere and celebrate the life of that special someone.


2. Spend The Day Doing Something They Enjoyed

If your lost loved one had any particular hobbies or interests, it is always a wonderful idea to honor them by engaging in that special activity! This is an option that you can get very creative with and can truly tailor it to your situation. 


3. Plant Something In Their Honor

Adding some beautiful flowers, trees, or plants of any kind is a more unique way of honoring someone on their birthday. If you decide to go this route, it can be very rewarding and comforting to see the plants sprout and grow with a lovely meaning attached. 


4. Find A Way To Serve Others

Serving others is a fantastic way to not only bring joy to yourself, but also a special gesture to honor a lost loved one. Check out some different opportunities in your community today!


5. Visit Their Gravesite

Visiting a gravesite might be one of the most traditional ways of honoring a loved one on a special day. Being beside their grave (or with their ashes) is a very special feeling and can help you feel close to them once again. Bring decorations or offerings to make the trip even more special.


6. Donate To A Cause They Were Passionate About

If your loved one was passionate about a specific cause or foundation, donating and prompting others to donate to those causes can be very meaningful. Make sure to state that the donation is in honor of your passed loved one!