Featuring Majerle Shannon

We are so happy to be featuring Majerle today! Her strength is incredible, and her sweet Mayble is so beautiful. ♥️ ⁣

I’m a stay at home mamma, a mother to 3 beautiful girls. Jayda, our 5 year old wild child. Mayble, our girly girl, who passed away just before her 4th birthday. Lennon, our 4 week old rainbow baby. ⁣

My second child Mayble was diagnosed with a genetic disorder, Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1 (a degenerative muscle disorder) at 2 months old. SMA took away her ability to swallow, crawl, sit, and walk. On May 16th 2019 we knew her fight was nearing. We were faced with the fact we needed to let her body rest. She passed peacefully on hospice surrounded by her entire family. I got to hold her in my arms until her last breath then spent some much needed momma time with her afterwards. Being a present mom to my other 2 girls with a missing piece has been an every day challenge. May taught us to live life to the fullest no matter what is thrown our way. Her memory inspires me to continue to fight hard and be brave. ⁣

Something that helped me the most after her passing was all the help we had with her funeral. My husband and I didn’t have to do much, I’ll be forever grateful for that. ⁣

My advice would be to take care of yourself. Be patient with your emotions. Let yourself cry when the tears come. Watch videos, look at pictures. Write down memories. Journal your feelings. How you feel is so important. ♥️♥️♥️