Featuring Danelle

This week we are featuring Danelle ♥️ we have been following Danelle’s page for sometime now and have always been amazed with her resilience in the face of so much heartache. There is so much hope and love in her words and we are grateful to share her story today with you! ♥️

•About Danelle⁣
My name is Danelle and I'm the writer of We Call It A Journey. After years of struggling with infertility, and a recent failed adoption, I have come to learn that we are all connected through heartache in this human experience. It's been breathtaking and beautiful to watch as women have lifted eachother by sharing their own stories with empathy and compassion.⁣

•What has helped Danelle the most ⁣
Through our journey of heartache, I have found the pain of suffering in silence. I've learned that Isolation only makes things worse. Being able to share my story has been incredibly healing. I have also relied heavily on my faith in God. I know He is shaping me into the person he wants me to be and He is always there to pick up my broken pieces.⁣
When hard days come, I like to find quiet moments where I can focus on my heartbeat. "It's still beating" I tell myself. "I know you didn't think it could beat after feeling this much pain, but it's still beating! You're still breathing. You are stronger than you think."⁣

•Advice to others⁣
The biggest lesson I have learned through our experience is that we can't rank trials from easy to hard. Hard is hard and pain is pain. We are all doing the best we can. Once we own our story, and honor our heartache with self love and compassion, that's when we can really start to mend the brokenness.⁣

After our adoption fell through, we wanted to come back more determined than ever! Although we have our moments of sorrow, we have found gratitude through it all. We are looking forward to growing our forever family!⁣

Life is crazy, messy, and full of twists and turns but I guess that's why, We Call it a Journey!⁣