Featuring Alexes Brown

This week we are honored to feature Alexes and her sweet daughter Boston. I always learn so much from all these amazing mamas and this one was no different. She is just amazing and her words resonated with me so much. ⁣⁣♥️
•About Alexes and Boston ⁣⁣
My name is Alexes Brown and I’m a mama to four, three on earth and one in heaven. Boston was my magical third child, she was always (no exaggeration) happy and super calm and mellow. She was such a joy to have in our family and she had a special light about her that even people in public noticed. She was dearly loved by everyone in our family and was just what our family needed when she came into our lives. On May 22, 2016 our lives changed forever when our sweet baby died in a back over accident while we were on vacation in Idaho. Because we were temporarily living in Alaska at the time, we decided to bury her in Idaho where some of our family lived. We spent the next year living in Alaska until we were finally able to move to Idaho to be near our baby. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
•What helped Alexes the most after her loss
The thing that helped me the most after Boston’s passing was connecting with other loss moms. There’s only so much advice someone can give when they haven’t been through losing a child. Talking with other moms who knew exactly what I was going through gave me a kind of comfort my heart was seeking. The day after Boston died, I reached out to fellow loss mom @heidiswapp and she shared some words that would change my life. She told me that I had to make a decision. I could let this tragic thing ruin my life or I could choose to let it make me stronger. These words have reminded me time and time again that I really do have a choice and that it can make me a more compassionate, loving, stronger person if I let it. When you lose a child you are thrust into a pain so deep and all consuming that it threatens to consume you whole, but in time there will be light and IF you look for it you will see beauty. ⁣⁣