Women’s Ring - IRIS - Elysium Black Diamond

Size: 7
Material: Matte

Elysium Black Diamond - IRIS RING

Embrace the radiance of the Iris Elysium Black Diamond Ring, a sterling example of fine craftsmanship in our exclusive Lady Elysium Collection. This ring represents a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern design, featuring a lustrous sterling silver band crowned with our signature solid black diamond.

Central to the Iris Ring's allure is the solid black diamond, an embodiment of the vast mysteries of the cosmos. Formed under extreme pressures, this 1.5-carat Elysium pressed black diamond is a symbol of unyielding strength and timeless beauty. Its dark facade reflects the depths of night skies, offering a piece of eternity to its wearer.

Crafted from the finest sterling silver, the band of the Iris Ring exudes a cool, sleek aura. The metal's high polish finish ensures a dazzling shine that complements the matte elegance of the black diamond. Sterling silver is not only known for its durability and hypoallergenic properties but also for its ability to capture the essence of contemporary jewelry design.

The Iris Elysium Ring is versatile enough to be worn as an everyday accessory or as the finishing touch to an evening ensemble. Its timeless design is suitable for every style preference, making it a perfect gift for oneself or a loved one.