Women’s Ring - HESTIA - Elysium Black Diamond

Size: 6
Style: 8MM
Material: Matte

Elysium Black Diamond - HESTIA RING

Introducing the Hestia Elysium Black Diamond Ring, a paragon of understated elegance within our Lady Elysium Collection. This ring combines the timeless allure of sterling silver with the profound beauty of a solid black diamond, offering a piece that's steeped in tradition yet boldly contemporary.

At the center of the Hestia Ring lies a captivating solid black diamond, emblematic of the ring's namesake - the goddess of the hearth. This 1.5-carat Elysium pressed black diamond, known for its deep, rich hue and unbreakable composition, serves as a symbol of the warmth and stability that Hestia represents.

Forged in the finest sterling silver, the Hestia Ring's band shines with a purity reminiscent of the goddess's own integrity. The silver's reflective surface perfectly complements the black diamond's mystique, creating a harmonious balance between light and dark.

The Hestia Elysium Ring is designed for the woman who carries a sense of peace and an aura of style wherever she goes. Whether it graces your hand at a casual gathering or a formal event, it speaks volumes of your unique taste and inner serenity.

Note: Our rings are all made-to-order, the lead time for this ring is 3 weeks. Rush orders are available for an expedite fee.