Women’s Ring - CALLIOPE - Elysium Black Diamond

Size: 5
Material: Matte
Style: 8MM

Elysium Black Diamond - CALLIOPE RING

Experience the refined elegance of the Calliope Elysium Black Diamond Ring, a crowning jewel in our Lady Elysium Collection. Available in two sizes, 10 MM and 8 MM, this ring features a stunning solid 1.5-carat Elysium Pressed Black Diamond, crafted to captivate and charm.

Each Calliope ring boasts a solid Elysium Pressed Black Diamond, a testament to innovation and beauty. Born from the transformation of millions of diamond crystals under extreme heat and pressure, the black diamond offers a unique luster that radiates sophistication and resilience, much like the muse it's named after.

Embracing the finger with a delicate 14k/20 gold-filled band, the Calliope ring promises both durability and a luxurious touch. Its sleek design epitomizes modern elegance while ensuring a comfortable fit for daily wear or special occasions.

Whether you prefer the bold statement of a 10 MM or the subtle charm of an 8 MM diamond, the Calliope ring is tailored to suit your style. Each size reflects a different facet of Calliope's spirit, from grandeur to understated elegance.

Note: Our rings are all made-to-order, the lead time for this ring is 3 weeks. Rush orders are available for an expedite fee.