Women’s Ring - ARTEMIS - Elysium Black Diamond

Size: 5
Material: Matte

Elysium Black Diamond - ARTEMIS RING

Step into the realm of the divine huntress with the Artemis Elysium Black Diamond Ring, a bold statement in our Lady Elysium Collection. Named after the goddess of the moon and the hunt, this ring captures the essence of Artemis's fierce independence and grace with its striking sterling silver design and the enigmatic beauty of a solid black diamond.

The Artemis ring is centered around a magnificent 1.5-carat solid black diamond, reminiscent of the night sky that the goddess herself is connected to. This Elysium pressed black diamond, created under immense pressure, symbolizes the unyielding spirit and power of its wearer, echoing the goddess's strength.

Mirroring the lustrous sheen of moonlight, the sterling silver band of the Artemis Ring is sculpted to reflect the goddess's dynamic essence. The sleek, fluid lines of the silver evoke Artemis's swift movement, while its polished surface complements the deep allure of the black diamond.

The Artemis Elysium Ring is not just an accessory; it's a declaration of confidence and boldness, perfect for the modern woman who forges her own path with purpose and style. Whether you're dressing up for an evening out or accentuating your daytime look, this ring is your companion in every adventure.

Note: Our rings are all made-to-order, the lead time for this ring is 3 weeks. Rush orders are available for an expedite fee.