Pavé Stack

Dainty Pavé Ring (Size): 5
Petite Pavé Ring (Size): 5
Elevate your style narrative with our Pavé Stack, a curated collection that brings together our Dainty Pavé and Petite Pavé rings in a celebration of harmonious contrast and layered luxury. This set is a dance of light and geometry, a pairing that feels both destined and personal, like a secret style code waiting to be worn.

The Pavé Stack is a testament to the power of combinations. The Dainty Pavé, with its row of ten small stones, offers a ribbon of sparkle, while the Petite Pavé with its singular stone set against the chevron silhouette, provides a focal point of brilliance. Together, they create a versatile duo that can adapt to the narrative of your day – from the sun's first light to the evening's last call.

This set is designed for the individual who sees their jewelry as an extension of themselves – dynamic, adaptable, and unique. The stack's casual sophistication makes it the perfect companion for both the coffee shop and the conference room, effortlessly transitioning from day to evening wear.

At Elysium Hope, we understand that each piece you choose to wear is a chapter in your personal style story. The Pavé Stack is your versatile plot twist, offering endless possibilities for self-expression. It's a celebration of individuality and the beauty of layering life's simple luxuries. Embrace this set as a daily staple, and let the Pavé Stack be your signature blend of effortless chic and timeless charm.