Elysium Black Diamond® Pendants - Aries Constellation

Pendant Size: 11mm / 1.5ct
Color: Silver/Rhodium Plated
Silver/Rhodium Plated
14K Gold Vermeil Plated
14K Rose Gold Plated
14KT Solid Gold
14KT Solid Rose Gold
14KT Solid White Gold
Chain Length: 16"

Black Diamond Inset:

  • 11mm = 1.5 Carats of Pressed Black Diamond
  • 16mm = 8 Carats of Pressed Black Diamond
  • 21mm = 10 Carats of Pressed Black Diamond
  • 26mm = 11.85 Carats of Pressed Black Diamond

Zodiac Constellation Engraving:

This necklace is laser engraved with the Aries (March 21 - April 19) zodiac constellation. Other black stones like onyx, opal or pearl will chip or break under a laser, making detailed engraving extremely difficult. Most people think of white gemstones when they think of diamonds. Meraxi Noir brings to the market the world's first authentic diamond jewelry options rendered in black.

    Additional size reference: U.S. quarter = 24.26mm;U.S. nickel = 21.21mm;U.S. dime= 17.91mm