Disneyland Tricks & Hacks

         We love Disneyland here at Rightly Royce! We always look forward to visiting the happiest place on earth! There’s so much to do, whether it’s riding rides, eating yummy food, or shopping. There’s so much to do in one day depending on how long you’re visiting! Here are a few hacks to help you get the most out of your Disneyland trip! Get to the park early, even though you may be on vacation! Most people are sleeping in and show up at the park around 10 am. The best time to go is before that when other visitors have not arrived yet. Also, download the Disneyland app. This can help you be informed on wait times without having to go to the ride itself. This is key to being able to plan out your day to truly make the most of it! Lastly, bring your own drinks! We all want the yummy food at Disneyland, by bringing your own drinks you can save more money! Make sure you share these tips and hacks with friends and family before they visit Disneyland!