Summer Bucket List!

Who else is ready for summer? I’m ready for all the sunny and pool days! Since summer is around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking of all the things you can do to make it an unforgettable summer
1. Have a summer BBQ
BBQ’s are the perfect place to catch up with friends over great food and perfect wether! Grill some hamburgers, set up a fire pit, and you have the perfect Summer night!
2. Learn a water sport
Surfing, snorkeling water skiing and more! There is a Summer sport for everyone!
3. Outdoor movie
Pick your favorite movie and set it up on a screen under the stars! All you need is a speaker, screen or white sheet, and portable projector.
4. Go camping
Summer is the perfect time to go camping with family and friends! You don’t even need to travel far! Set up your tent in your backyard and camp out close to home.
5. Watch the sunrise
The summer sunrises are beautiful! This summer wake up early one morning to enjoy the beautiful colors! It will be the perfect start to your day!
6. Make homemade ice cream
There is nothing better than homemade food and Ice cream is no exception! Pick a DIY recipe from online and create countless flavors with your loved ones.
7. Look for shooting stars
Did you know that shooting stars means good luck? Summer means it’s warm enough to go lay outside on a blanket and watch the stars!
8. Go on a hike
Hiking is a great way to get outside this summer and work on your tan! It’s also the perfect way to connect with you family and friends. Another great thing is that it’s free!
9. Start a garden
There is no better time of year to start a garden! Start your own herb garden, flower garden, or fruit and veggie garden! You’ll love creating a garden of your own!
10. Read a good book outside
Reading is something you should do all year long. To me there is nothing better than reading a book in the warm sun! Get some vitamin d and enjoy a fun summer read!

What else are you excited for this summer? We would love to hear!