10 ways to celebrate Earth Day

With Earth Day just around the corner on Friday, it’s time to start getting ready to celebrate! While we should be taking care of the Earth every day, Earth Day is a day that we can show a little bit more effort! We’ve got 10 easy ways that you can help out the Earth. 

1. Ride your bike or walk

Choosing just a couple days to ride your bike to work or the store can help to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the pollution your car causes. 

2. Skip the long showers

Around the world we are experiencing water shortages. Skipping the long shower and taking a quick shower can help to save galleons of water. 

3. Send your legislator an email

This can make a big difference! Consider writing an email to your legislator telling him about whatever is important to you. Whether it’s recycling, air pollution, clean water, etc. sending a quick email can help to start to make changes around you.

4. Volunteer

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to volunteer in your local community! A great way to do that is to volunteer to pick up litter and trash.

5. Plant something 

Earth Day is the perfect time to make the earth a little greener. Planting a tree or some flowers is a great place to start.

6. Buy reusable bags 

Ditch the plastic bags and bring reusable bags with you the next time you head to the store.

7. Start recycling 

Instead of putting your trash in the garbage, put what can be recycled in teh recycling bin! 

8. Reuse everything you can

A lot of everyday items can be reused more than once! Get creative about it! 

9. Buy less

This one is the most challenging for me! But I’m trying to work on only buying quality items over quantity. Doing this simply will help to reduce waste and pollution. 

10. Go outside! 

Lastly, head outside!! Enjoy Earth day by enjoying this beautiful world we have been blessed with! 

As you can see, doing some of these simple things can add up and make a big difference! Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s a celebration and not a chore! Our world needs more positivity and doing these simple acts daily will help make our world a better place.