6 Ways To Show A Friend You Appreciate Them

Showing appreciation for your friends, or anyone you love & care about, is extremely important. It is no secret that appreciation is truly not spread nearly as much as it should be! Here are some wonderful ways to show you appreciate your friends:


Surprise Them With Matching Best Friend Rings

Buying a friend a gift is definitely not a requirement within a friendship, but sometimes it can be a very thoughtful gesture! A fun option is to get matching pieces of jewelry with your besties. Our Birthstone Rings are commonly the go-to item that can double as best friend rings!


Tell Them How Much You Love And Appreciate Them

This is such a simple idea that you could complete anytime, anywhere! This would be a great option for an individual who values words of appreciation over gift giving. There are a variety of ways you can say this to your friend. For example, you can say it verbally, write it on a small note, or post about them on social media.
*Reminder, not everyone approves of being posted on social media, please make sure to ask before posting!


Say ‘Thank You’

This small gesture of gratitude might make a bigger impact than you think! Not only is it proper manners to be saying your ‘please and thank you’s’, but when you express your thankfulness to others, it not only makes others feel great but also makes you feel great (and saying thank you only takes like .8 seconds).


Make Small Sacrifices

Small sacrifices (even the tiniest ones) can show that you appreciate the person enough to put their needs and desires ahead of your own! An example of this could be picking a movie or TV show you know they would enjoy seeing, offer to drive, or let them pick where they would like to eat.


Engage In An Activity They Enjoy

It always feels nice when you get to enjoy one of your favorite activities with a good friend, right? When you participate in an activity your friend loves, it can show them you are truly interested in their hobbies and want to take the time to make them happy! Plus, it’s always good to try new hobbies or activities!


Buy Them A Special Treat

Of course, like the first option, this may not be the best option for everyone! For those whose love language is gift giving, you may prefer to surprise a friend with a physical item rather than to verbally express to them that you care about them (which is okay!!). Some fun special treat options might include a coffee, their favorite dessert, or their favorite snack!