Necklace Gift Guide

A necklace makes for an amazing and thoughtful gift, but deciding on the right one can be hard, we understand the struggle and are here to help! We have created a guide that leads you to the best fitting necklace for that special someone based on their own preferences!


The Romantic

This person values jewelry that holds meaning. An elegant touch to a piece will really flatter this individual. That being said, we suggest going with our “Bar And Disc Necklace”. This piece is not only one of our best-sellers, but it holds the ability to be customized in many different ways! For an elegant and classic look, we recommend placing a special name on the disc, and a date of importance on the bar. They will love this!


The Minimalist

This individual loves necklaces that look classy but don’t stand out too much. Simple is what they love! We highly recommend going for the “Satellite Chain Choker” due to it’s minimalistic charm. This piece can be beautifully worn as a layering option or simply by itself. You can’t go wrong with this option!


The Trend-Setter

The trend-setter is someone who likes to be one step ahead of the newest trends! Unique pieces really speak to them. We understand this person very well, which is why we think that the “Lace Toggle Necklace” is the perfect piece for them! The Lace Toggle is unique in the way that it doesn’t have a clasp, but rather a more trendy take on one. They will swoon over this piece!


The Mama

A mama’s love is like no other! This is someone who loves having jewelry that represents their children. We have lots of options for them, but this is our favorite. We recommend getting your hands on our “Halo Necklace”. You can customize this beautiful piece to say the name of their child, a special birth date, or any variation of the word “MOM”. The possibilities are endless!


The Animal Lover

The person is someone who has a soft spot for our furry companions! If you are an animal lover, you can understand the connection we have with our loveable pets. There are many ways to showcase this bond, but what better way than on a necklace! For the animal lover in your life, we recommend the “Dainty Disc W/ Pendant Necklace - ½”. With its ability to be personalized to each order, you can input the name, or names, of their beloved pet and add on a small paw print symbol to really make it special.


The Hippie

This individual loves everything quirky! They look for uniqueness and a meaning behind each piece. With that in mind, we recommend our “Stone Necklaces”. Our stone necklaces are unique in the way that they have meaning and historical healing properties associated with each individual stone. This is definitely the way to go!

We truly believe that there is a piece for everyone and hope this makes it easier to narrow down the best fitting options for the recipient. Enjoy!