Featuring Sarah Ward

This week we are so excited to feature our sister in law Sarah ♥️ We have always been amazed by her strength and resilience in her trials and with this week being National infertility awareness week #NIAW we knew it was meant to be! ⁣

•About Sarah:⁣
I’m Sarah & I’ve been married to my sweet husband Brady for almost 5 years. We’re also auntie & uncle to sweet little Royce. We’ve been struggling with infertility for the past 4 1/2 years. I’ve done multiple fertility treatments including 3 rounds of IVF. Sadly, those 3 rounds resulted in our loss of Twins in February & another sweet baby in October 2017 to miscarriage. Our hearts were shattered, especially mine. Wanting to be a mom is all I’ve ever wanted.⁣
But throughout our struggle with infertility we know God was mindful us. He blessed us with our greatest help, Roycey. It’s probably no coincidence he was born in Oct & our 1st treatment was in Nov. He had a perfect way of making everything better & he helped heal our hearts. He gave us hope & strength to keep moving forward. We really loved him more than anything.⁣

•What has helped Sarah the most after her loss:⁣
Through all the pain & heart ache of infertility & loosing Royce we have found strength & hope in our Savior Jesus Christ. I would not be able to get through any of this without Him. The support & love from my friends & family, even strangers has helped me more than they’ll ever know. My husband has also been such a blessing & help to me. He’s such an example to me of strength & resilience. He won’t ever let me give up.⁣
Serving others has also helped so much. Whenever things get hard or I know a tough day is ahead, serving someone else even if it’s something small, always helps my heart.⁣

•Advice Sarah would give to others that have lost someone: ⁣
My advice to anyone going through a loss would be to rely on the Savior Jesus Christ. He can help you better than anyone else ever could. Also to give yourself grace & know it’s okay to feel the things you’re feeling. And to Look for the good. I really believe there is always something good, even if you really have to look hard & it might be small sometimes, but it’s there. ⁣

I’m so grateful for this trial because if I didn’t have it, I probably wouldn’t have had the same kind of special bond with my little nephew Roycey. Even though he’s not here with us physically, I have felt him near & I know he is pulling for us in heaven.